Jörg Panhorst
Bertelsmann/Brief-Union eG

direct services Gütersloh GmbH, Germany

“We work in coope­ra­tion with ipoox since many years in a trustful part­ner­ship using the services of presorting data for the count­ries Italy, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Switz­er­land, Czech Rep. and Nether­lands for diffe­rent custo­mers of our Bertels­mann Prin­ting Group units like Mohn Media or Campaign direct services Gütersloh.

ipoox is our preferred partner who is conti­nuously achie­ving highest perfor­mance levels and giving a 24/7 support if needed. Our focus is always a just in time produc­tion with flexi­bi­lity to fulfill highest quality stan­dards regar­ding topics like trans­fer­ring data, enri­ching data and presen­ting sorted data files. Data secu­rity is of our para­mount inte­rest day by day and ipoox fully satis­fied us by using state of the art secu­rity solu­tions. We have a lot of things in common for the one and only goal: postage savings for our customers.

We highly recom­mend this partnership!”

Jordi Dumans
Portfolio Manager Cross Border Mail

PostNL Cross Border Solutions, Netherlands

“We have worked with ipoox for a variety of custo­mers, desti­na­tions and products. We recom­mend ipoox for their avai­la­bi­lity, the speed of their pre-sorting services and the complete package that comes with the sorted file and helps prepa­ring the corre­spon­ding mailing. 

The team further­more distin­gu­ishes them­selves with their know­ledge of local markets and the drive to find a solution.”

Andrea Scurati
European Print Production and Supply Manager

Innovairre Communications International, Milano, Italy

“Inno­vairre supports more than 500 nonprofit orga­niza­tions and has more than 4.000 associates.

Inno­vairre is working in stra­tegy, crea­tive and produc­tion stages of thou­sands of fund­rai­sing programs. ipoox is the Inno­vairre partner for postage presortings and opti­miza­tions for Europe in direct commu­ni­ca­tion with Innovairre’s prin­ting­houses or letter­shops. ipoox also provides to Inno­vairre cont­acts for produ­cing, prin­ting and postage in other to cover all needs of the Euro­pean markets.

Inno­vairre and ipoox are working in part­ner­ship from many years with good satis­fac­tion of the end customers.”

Pierre-Hubert Dlaska
Leiter Sales & Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung

Quickmail AG, Switzerland

“Als Partner für die Daten­auf­be­rei­tung und Post-Routierung von Adress­daten für gemein­same Kunden ist ipoox absolut verläss­lich, schnell und äusserst kompetent. 

Wir empfehlen ipoox gerne allen, die opti­male kosten­ori­en­tierte Lösungen in der Vorbe­rei­tung ihrer Mailings in die Schweiz suchen.”

Gero Furchheim

Cairo AG, Germany

“Cairo AG is using the services of ipoox (form­erly Konrad Direkt­mar­ke­ting GmbH, depart­ment dbadd) since 2007 for more than 300 projects in presorting for Germany, France, Austria and Switz­er­land in colla­bo­ra­tion with our prin­ting houses and letter­shops.

We appre­ciate the reliable co-operation and the initia­tives from ipoox to opti­mize our dispatches espe­ci­ally in France.”

Oliver Schleiss
Chief Sales Officer / Deputy CEO

Asendia Germany GmbH, Germany

As one of the leading inter­na­tional postal service provi­ders, Asendia is always looking for the best possible busi­ness part­ners, and Ipoox has been one of them for over 10 years. We have no hesi­ta­tion in recom­men­ding ipoox as a service provider for postal opti­miza­tions to various count­ries, service and quality are always on the highest level. The compe­tent customer support and flexi­bi­lity are also an abso­lute plus. 

The postage opti­miza­tion for France, which is parti­cu­larly important for us, gives custo­mers access to the best possible postage costs at our mother company, the French La Poste, this works always smoothly thanks to Ipoox. We are ther­e­fore looking forward to conti­nuing our good coope­ra­tion also for the coming 10 years!

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