Jörg Panhorst
Bertelsmann/Brief-Union eG

direct services Gütersloh GmbH, Germany

“We work in cooper­a­tion with ipoox since many years in a trustful part­ner­ship using the services of presorting data for the coun­tries Italy, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Switzer­land, Czech Rep. and Neth­er­lands for different customers of our Bertels­mann Printing Group units like Mohn Media or Campaign direct services Gütersloh.

ipoox is our preferred partner who is continu­ously achieving highest perform­ance levels and giving a 24/7 support if needed. Our focus is always a just in time produc­tion with flex­ib­ility to fulfill highest quality stand­ards regarding topics like trans­fer­ring data, enriching data and presenting sorted data files. Data security is of our para­mount interest day by day and ipoox fully satis­fied us by using state of the art security solu­tions. We have a lot of things in common for the one and only goal: postage savings for our customers.

We highly recom­mend this partnership!”

Jordi Dumans
Portfolio Manager Cross Border Mail

PostNL Cross Border Solutions, Netherlands

“We have worked with ipoox for a variety of customers, destin­a­tions and products. We recom­mend ipoox for their avail­ab­ility, the speed of their pre-sorting services and the complete package that comes with the sorted file and helps preparing the corres­ponding mailing. 

The team further­more distin­guishes them­selves with their know­ledge of local markets and the drive to find a solution.”

Andrea Scurati
European Print Production and Supply Manager

Innovairre Communications International, Milano, Italy

“Innov­airre supports more than 500 nonprofit organ­iz­a­tions and has more than 4.000 associates.

Innov­airre is working in strategy, creative and produc­tion stages of thou­sands of fundraising programs. ipoox is the Innov­airre partner for postage presort­ings and optim­iz­a­tions for Europe in direct commu­nic­a­tion with Innovairre’s print­ing­houses or letter­shops. ipoox also provides to Innov­airre contacts for produ­cing, printing and postage in other to cover all needs of the European markets.

Innov­airre and ipoox are working in part­ner­ship from many years with good satis­fac­tion of the end customers.”

Pierre-Hubert Dlaska
Leiter Sales & Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung

Quickmail AG, Switzerland

“Als Partner für die Datenauf­bereitung und Post-Routierung von Adress­daten für gemein­same Kunden ist ipoox absolut verläss­lich, schnell und äusserst kompetent. 

Wir empfehlen ipoox gerne allen, die opti­male kosten­ori­entierte Lösungen in der Vorbereitung ihrer Mail­ings in die Schweiz suchen.”

Gero Furchheim

Cairo AG, Germany

“Cairo AG is using the services of ipoox (formerly Konrad Direkt­mar­keting GmbH, depart­ment dbadd) since 2007 for more than 300 projects in presorting for Germany, France, Austria and Switzer­land in collab­or­a­tion with our printing houses and letter­shops.

We appre­ciate the reli­able co-operation and the initi­at­ives from ipoox to optimize our dispatches espe­cially in France.”

Oliver Schleiss
Chief Sales Officer / Deputy CEO

Asendia Germany GmbH, Germany

As one of the leading inter­na­tional postal service providers, Asendia is always looking for the best possible busi­ness part­ners, and Ipoox has been one of them for over 10 years. We have no hesit­a­tion in recom­mending ipoox as a service provider for postal optim­iz­a­tions to various coun­tries, service and quality are always on the highest level. The competent customer support and flex­ib­ility are also an abso­lute plus. 

The postage optim­iz­a­tion for France, which is partic­u­larly important for us, gives customers access to the best possible postage costs at our mother company, the French La Poste, this works always smoothly thanks to Ipoox. We are there­fore looking forward to continuing our good cooper­a­tion also for the coming 10 years!

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