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It’s impossible to combine automation and data protection?
We can show you how to make it possible!

By using our own developments, strictly according to the relevant data protection factors, ipoox offers you the chance to access API or web-based postage optimisation interfaces to optimise international postage, in order to work with the products directly, independently and in a structured manner at any time.

Are you interested in efficient integration of automation processes in your company? Then don’t hesitate to contact us.


We achieve the highest possible efficiency as well as maximum reliability with a minimal error rate for repeated projects by implementing partial and complete automation in data preparation and post-processing. For this, we use various types of plausibility checks and, at the end of the provision of data, our specialists’ dual control principle.

ipoox team Melina Malchow

Melina Malchow

Major Key Account DE, AT, CH, NL & ES

Have you acquired address data for your subscription management which deviate from the structure/format you know? Do you need to use foreign addresses with different data record structures or logic for data migration or dispatch preparation?

We are happy to oversee this for you!

On the basis of our years of experience, we develop individual automation processes, making it possible for you to implement this data without system alterations or to use it for further processing.

Initially, a target/actual comparison is created. The target and actual data sets are then analysed and the necessary adjustments determined (e.g. encryption/decryption of salutation, generation of proof lines etc). Then, we dive deep into programming and create the new/familiar data structure for you; this takes place alongside regular communication with the data provider and data recipient.

For our day-to-day work and in order to avoid errors, we also seek to develop automation processes where possible and logistically reasonable, in order to generate your data correctly for postage optimisation and further processing.

#2 OMM 'optimization management module'

Why not automate repeated tasks? Work more efficiently and more effectively with the OMM module.

In many cases, optimisation tasks are similar for each customer, project and country. Often, there are monthly issues of a magazine or catalogue, where many parameters are identical. This usually also applies to the structure of address data; often data structures in a project remain identical for years.

With OMM, we aim to make use of this factor and simplify and above all accelerate future optimisation of data. OMM gives you the chance to swiftly carry out optimisations yourself.

The procedure is as follows:
  • You receive a special instruction sheet and login data for our sFTP server
  • You file the completed instruction sheet and the data to be optimised on the server
  • Within just a few minutes, the data is optimised; you are regularly informed via email of the current status
  • You can download the optimised data and the appropriate shipping documents

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Melina Malchow

Major Key Account DE, AT, CH, NL & ES

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