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It’s impossible to combine automation and data protection?
We can show you how to make it possible!

By using our own devel­op­ments, strictly according to the relevant data protec­tion factors, ipoox offers you the chance to access API or web-based postage optim­isa­tion inter­faces to optimise inter­na­tional postage, in order to work with the products directly, inde­pend­ently and in a struc­tured manner at any time.

Are you inter­ested in effi­cient integ­ra­tion of auto­ma­tion processes in your company?
Then don’t hesitate to contact us.


We achieve the highest possible effi­ciency as well as maximum reli­ab­ility with a minimal error rate for repeated projects by imple­menting partial and complete auto­ma­tion in data prepar­a­tion and post-processing. For this, we use various types of plaus­ib­ility checks and, at the end of the provi­sion of data, our special­ists’ dual control principle.

Melina Malchow
Major Key Account DE, AT, CH, PT, NL & ES

“Have you acquired address data for your subscrip­tion manage­ment which deviate from the structure/format you know? Do you need to use foreign addresses with different data record struc­tures or logic for data migra­tion or dispatch preparation?
We are happy to oversee this for you!
On the basis of our years of exper­i­ence, we develop indi­vidual auto­ma­tion processes, making it possible for you to imple­ment this data without system alter­a­tions or to use it for further processing.

Initially, a target/actual compar­ison is created. The target and actual data sets are then analysed and the neces­sary adjust­ments determ­ined (e.g. encryption/decryption of saluta­tion, gener­a­tion of proof lines etc). Then, we dive deep into program­ming and create the new/familiar data struc­ture for you; this takes place along­side regular commu­nic­a­tion with the data provider and data recipient.

For our day-to-day work and in order to avoid errors, we also seek to develop auto­ma­tion processes where possible and logist­ic­ally reas­on­able, in order to generate your data correctly for postage optim­isa­tion and further processing.”

#2 OMM ‘optimization management module’

Why not automate repeated tasks?
Work more efficiently and more effectively with the OMM module.

In many cases, optim­isa­tion tasks are similar for each customer, project and country. Often, there are monthly issues of a magazine or cata­logue, where many para­meters are identical. This usually also applies to the struc­ture of address data; often data struc­tures in a project remain identical for years.

With OMM, we aim to make use of this factor and simplify and above all accel­erate future optim­isa­tion of data. OMM gives you the chance to swiftly carry out optim­isa­tions yourself.

The procedure is as follows:
  • You receive a special instruc­tion sheet and login data for our sFTP server.
  • You file the completed instruc­tion sheet and the data to be optim­ised on the server.
  • Within just a few minutes, the data is optim­ised; you are regu­larly informed via email of the current status.
  • You can down­load the optim­ised data and the appro­priate ship­ping documents.

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ipoox team Melina Malchow

Melina Malchow

Major Key Account DE, AT, CH, PT, NL & ES
ipoox team Tobias Zimmerling

Tobias Zimmerling


Christian Düring

CEO / Sales