Objective. Analytics. Statistics. Aim.

Before the campaign come the calculations.

Together with you, we develop an objective analysis of postage costs, in order to realise the best possible savings for you with the smal­lest produc­tion expenses possible.

We are happy to inform you about the ship­ping options for your campaign.

7-Step Audit Model

ipoox team Christian Düring

Christian Düring

CEO / Sales

Auditing your dispatch routes, with us as your inde­pendent partner, offers you the chance to reduce postage costs, taking effi­ciency and cost assess­ment into consid­er­a­tion with regards to print processing.

Make use of our inter­na­tional network of postal oper­ators, the appro­priate manu­fac­turers with relevant exper­i­ence and address service providers to effi­ciently posi­tion your target countries.


  • Eval­u­ation of ship­ment format, weight and ship­ping method
  • Analysis of effi­cient ship­ping method (postal oper­ator, product, delivery time, quality)
  • Eval­u­ation of possible changes to produc­tion costs (increased costs during produc­tion versus postal cost reduction)
  • Assess­ment of address quality by appro­priate partner companies and/or appro­priate test optim­isa­tion of your address inventory

These audits are based on active exchange of inform­a­tion and exper­i­ence with you as a customer and your preferred manu­fac­turers. We are also happy to include special­ists from our company and network of postal oper­ators, address service providers and print processors.

Our goal is the selec­tion of the appro­priate ship­ping product for the indi­vidu­al­ised ship­ment of your marketing material at the relevant time.

Don’t hesitate to ask us for advice. No commit­ment. Free of charge.


ipoox team Ramona Keller

Ramona Keller